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Heather Bond-

Interview with Voyage Dallas magazine

Heather, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

Art is a genetic core of my being. I am a fifth-generation artist. I may even have more generations of artists before me that I don’t know of. My grandparents lived in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. My grandfather was a watercolor artist. His house looked much like mine today… a gallery of his art. He would spend time with me and show me how to draw, paint, and write pretty letters. His loving direction was the very beginning of my art path.

So I believe that we all have a genetic code that must be acted out in order to feel fulfilled and whole. My inner source is the master of my artwork. I have this energy that must simply be burned off through creating things. My artwork evolves as I do. My journey in this life has found art as a healing place. The more I join that dreamlike trans realm… also called my “creative space” the more vibrant the artwork becomes. Art is my best friend, my healer, my teacher, and my playground. I believe that we live and create vibration levels of energy. My artwork is a vibration stamp in time… very much like a song. Each creation attracts that same energy and vibration level of the viewer… connecting us together without a word spoken. This is what I love about art in every form.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

Well, I must say that Artists struggle, period. It is like when you are asked to create something then you have lost your freedom. It is from your freedom that creates the most beautiful pieces. Art has no boundaries, deadlines, or requested subjects. This has to be the hardship of every artist, musician, author, and creative out there. I have set up at art festivals, so many times and never sold a piece. My walls are adorned with the most vibrant artwork that should all be in homes (my greatest wish). The artwork is expensive and few people find it to be the investment that they need. I will say this though, the connection is there. The way people experience my artwork is a profound experience. 

It is a struggle letting go of the notion that art can sustain you financially?

The freedom of creating from your core being is really the flight path of a masterpiece. And nothing is more fulfilling than taking the time to create. To define success, define talent, and define being rich. You can have an infinite amount of answers to these questions. How could any of us be the judge of this?

Please tell us more about your art.

I am an artist that creates many pieces a year. I show my artwork at one or two festivals each year. I am proud that I always have a crowd connecting with my art. I love seeing people take selfies with my artwork and telling me that they love it. Many people every year purchase a painting or commission a painting. I have artwork collected in homes across the USA. This means a part of me is lives in each of those places. I never will give up the time to express myself in an artistic manner, EVER. I am unique in that the space where I camp out in often… is my “ART SELF”.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?

How can you redo a journey of growth? It is every piece of struggle and hard work that shapes yourself, love. Be patient… self-love comes with time. I believe that I am getting very close to being happy with myself and trust me, I am attracting people that are on the same path. I am always a girl that is writing the “perfect speech” after a challenge. That speech in my car… is as far as a regret may grow. My gratitude sessions are the path towards acceptance and happiness. Evolve always…love your mistakes and use them to change. We are never starting over… we are just upgrading.

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